Greg Abbott: Don’t Tread On Me!

I recently saw on a coworker’s truck (of course it was a truck) the following:


Pretty odd campaign slogan for a lifelong politician and the head of the Texas state government – a person who would seemingly embody the government oppression that he simultaneously decries to idiots and supporters to keep himself in power.

However, I thought perhaps this version is more appropriate for Mr. Abbott:


No need to thank me, Greg!


Greg Abbott: Champion of Rights

Fresh after having his “necessary” special session of the Texas Legislature collapse without passing an anti-transgender bill (and apparently NOT learning from North Carolina’s ordeals with such), and also objecting to Confederate statues being taken down…


…with Charlottesville’s Nazi and KKK promulgated weekend domestic terror still in mind (because Donald Trump sympathizes and supports the Nazis and KKK members per his statements), Greg Abbott decides he needs to contribute to this dumpster fire by indicating his intent to continue to oppress minority voting in Texas…


That’s Greg Abbott: ┬áChampion for All Texans!